We’re not in Beverly Hills anymore! We are in Fort Wayne, Indiana! In the World’s Shortest Parade near Deer Park on St. Patrick’s Day!For the 15th year Deer Park Pub, began its St. Patrick’s Day celebration Friday evening with the tappin’ of a keg filled with traditional green lager beer, while the band Scratch N Sniff played a few Irish tunes.

The Fort Wayne tavern, located directly across from University of St. Francis on Leesburg Road, continued its festivities on Saturday morning serving green-glazed donuts and Irish coffee to all ye’ lads n’ lassies.

Preceding a parade around 3pm, Deer Park held a strong man and woman contest with 24 contestants testing their strength in seeing how far they could throw a keg. In addition, a Shamrock Sprint Race took the fastest runner about a minute and a half to run.

Around 4:30pm taking a statute of St. Patrick to the streets, Deer Park owner, Tony Henry kicked off the world’s shortest parade, which encompasses about 300 yards or 3 football fields.

“I think it’s important that when we celebrate St. Patrick that it’s not just about bellying up to the bar for a beer,” said Tony, “but about giving the community an experience, a wholesome event.” “We all know that NY and Chicago do the great parades. And, of course, Savannah is one of the biggest parades. I thought we could do it at a very micro level since I have this lonely street that really begins off the backdoor of my pub.”

Make sure you stop by Deer Park and check out all the new beers they have in stock. Fun times and the place to bring your dear for a beer anytime.

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