Why Waynedale?

I am not an original “Waynedaler”; I am a “transplant.” My husband and I moved to the Waynedale greater area from Aboite three years ago. For years I had driven past the beautiful tree-lined streets of Winterset on my daily commute down Winchester Road to and from Kingston Residence where I work as Marketing Director. It reminded me of the small town where I grew up in Ohio. When the opportunity came to move, my husband and I happily joined the ranks of those who enjoy our Waynedale community and all it has to offer.

What is not to love about Waynedale? It has everything we need! From groceries and fresh meats to hardware and appliances. There are numerous churches and restaurants, florists and golf, plus a nearby airport. We find very little reason to have to travel outside of Waynedale. And if we do, Jefferson Pointe, Coventry and Times Corner are but a short hop, skip and jump away.

Last year, Kingston Residence became members of the Waynedale Community Improvement Team. The WCIT is a small but mighty group of passionate people who love Waynedale. We have brought you Christmas in Waynedale, the Easter Egg Hunt and the Fall Festival. We are working in conjunction with the Fort Wayne Trails to provide safe access to the St. Mary’s Trail over the bridge at Lower Huntington Road and extend the trail on Ardmore. We have received a grant and are striving to put a community center in place for our youth.

I write this letter for two reasons. First, I urge you all to support our local businesses and help them thrive. Second, I would like to encourage other businesses and residents to get involved in our quest to improve Waynedale and educate others as to the great benefits Waynedale has to offer. The Waynedale Community Improvement Team meets the third Thursday of each month at Kingston Residence at 6 p.m. We welcome anyone and everyone who would like to support Waynedale to come join us and learn more.

Camille Garrison