On Saturday, October 13, the Honorable Mayor Tom Henry joined the Fort Wayne Fire Department along with other Allen County fire departments to pay tribute to firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Beginning at 11 a.m. at the Law Enforcement/Firefighters Memorial of Allen County, 1001 North Wells Street, family members, city officials and fellow firefighters attended the ceremony to honor the lost firefighters of Fort Wayne and Allen County.

Since the Fort Wayne Fire Department was established in 1839, the city has lost 15 firefighters. The Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department, now part of the Southwest Fire District, lost Harry Stapleton, the county’s most recent fallen firefighter, in 1975.

During the ceremony, each of the 16 firefighters killed in the line of duty was honored with a plaque. Family members and firefighters also placed a single rose on the tables where the helmets lay.

“It is their selfless contribution that we remember with respect and honor,” said Fort Wayne Fire Chief Amy Biggs.

In remembrance of: Joseph Bahlinger, died 1924; William Bandt, died 1928; John Fleischman, died 1916; Thomas Hazelett, died 1936; Louis Hensel, died 1910; Henry Hilbrecht, died 1925; William Himmelein, died 1936; Fredrick Hilsman, died 1871; Edgar Miller, died 1952; Michael Rager, died 1972; Harry Stapleton, died 1975; Raymond Steup, died 1948; Laverne Strodel, died 1947; Joseph Talarico, died 1952; Roscoe Wehr, died 1931; Charles Winkelmeyer, died 1908.