RICHARD A. STEVENSONWith Thanksgiving fast approaching, I have been thinking about the many things for which I am thankful. One of those things is our fantastic staff here at the Wayne Township Trustee’s Office. Our staff of 35 full and part-time employees works hard every day to help our clients and to provide the supportive services needed to keep our office running efficiently.

So, this Thanksgiving, I thought I would like our employees to tell you the things for which they are thankful. I e-mailed our employees and our Board members and asked them to provide me with a few sentences of their thoughts and did I ever get the responses. Here, in their own words, are some of the responses I received from our staff.

“I am thankful for my job, which gives me so much more than a paycheck such as a great education about other people, other cultures, and other ways of life. I have learned more on this job than any other in my life. I feel like I am doing important work, and it is never boring.” SuzAnne Runge, Director of Community Resources

“I am thankful for a God that makes all things right if I surrender to His will, I am thankful for my family and for Trustee Richard A. Stevenson, Sr. and all my co-workers at the Wayne Township Trustee Office.” Callie Jones, Assistant Township Clerk/Accounting Supervisor

“I am thankful for the fact that my husband has remained free of cancer for seven years. I am also thankful for all the good we do for people from the office of The Wayne Township Trustee.” Sharon Conrad, Accounting

“I am thankful for my family and friends and for the many opportunities I have been afforded. I have a great life and I do not take it for granted.” Patricia M. Turner, Wayne Township Board Member

“First, I give thanks to God for being God all by Himself . . . I thank Him for my loved ones and allowing me each day to see their faces and hear their voices. I also thank Him for my job, those with whom I work, and to all that we endeavor to help, transitioning individuals and families from assistance to independence.” LeRoy Page, Director of Employment

“I am thankful for the memories God has given me of my Mom and my Brother . . . I am thankful for the wonderful friends and family who have always been there for me and loved me and accepted me just the way I am. I am extremely thankful for my husband and children for all the joy they bring to my life everyday.” Heidi Hannie, Lead Investigator

“I am thankful for our city and the array of people who come into my life. But I am particularly thankful that I see the same person, my wife, every night when I go home. She’s the one who tries to keep me healthy and holy. Oh what a chore she has. She’s a saint. I am thankful for Susan.” Tony Henry, Wayne Township Board Member

As for me, I am thankful to our Creator for the humble spirit that He instilled in me. I am deeply grateful to Him and the voters of Wayne Township for the sacred trust they bestowed upon me. Words cannot express the satisfaction it brings to serve. Surely I must not forget my precious family, staff and friends who support my dreams for a better community and world.

Unfortunately, I was unable to include all of the responses I got from our staff. But, as Christmas draws closer, I plan to do this again and will include more of the responses.

I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.
Wayne Township Trustee