George Powell Photography will be volunteering his professional services to provide any Waynedale area parent with an updated photograph of their child completely cost free. If you are interested, please stop by the new Waynedale News building at 2505 Lower Huntington Road, across from the BMV (in Waynedale) Saturday, January 26 (from 9a – 5p) or Sunday Jan. 27 (from noon – 5p) to receive a digital copy as well as a 4×6 photo of your child(ren). Keep in mind this offer is first-come first-serve, so be prepared with your child dressed and primped to have the photo taken.

Teamed with The Waynedale News and Walgreen’s (Waynedale), George Powell has provided this opportunity to the Waynedale Community for those who cannot afford to purchase recent photos through schools or other means. Mr. Powell sees this as a safety issue as many parents do not have updated photos in the event of their abducted or lost children. If you would like more information regarding this event, please feel free to contact The Waynedale News at (260) 747-4535.