Jim SchindlerA cutting remark never heals.

The Obvious
Did you ever get the feeling that a lot of our congressmen vote for what’s good for them and not what’s best for the country and their constituents?
Or am I the only one who can see the obvious?

Peace & Harmony
Those who live by the “Golden Rule” and obey the “Ten Commandants,” will live in peace and harmony, not only with their God, but also with their fellow man.

The Geese
At the crack of dawn,
On little Lake Cree,
Some noisy geese,
Kept awakening me.

I made some noise,
To scare them away,
But in spite their squawking,
They had nothing to say!
Jim Schindler

The Beginning and the End
Political correctness is just a means employed by those who want to suppress the truth. When it is forbidden to speak the truth that my friend is the beginning of the end of any free society.

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