A vintage 1980’s official lefty mug is designed to have a disastrous result if a “righty” attempts to drink from it.Since 1976 the 13th day of August has been celebrated worldwide as International Left-handers Day. It is the day southpaws, devil paws, sinisters and gauches celebrate their “right” to live in their unique right-brained dominant left-side world.

Now “Righties” often scoff it can’t be THAT different so this August 13 Born Again Quilts, 4005 South Wayne Ave, will celebrate everything “left” from 1p.m. to 7 p.m. including:

*Complimentary left-hand cookies for southpaws and special cookies for people who use the “other” hand.

* Lefty Trivia Contest – There will be categories including sports/TV-Movies/Authors and World Leaders. Bone up now! Prizes will be awarded. You won’t want to miss your favorite celebrity Leftys reading the questions.

*Left-handed embroidery and quilting demonstrations. Leftys will NOT need to sit across from me and try to figure out the technique by staring at my knuckles. Left-handed sewing equipment will be available to try.

*Right –handers will experience first-hand what it’s like to be a lefty living in a right-handed world.

*Right-handed parents of southpaw offspring will find plenty of help to teach their young child basic skills like tying shoes-just in time for back-to-school.

*If it isn’t raining, Leftys are welcome to share their creativity by singing, playing an instrument or reading poetry on the BAQ patio. If you have a horrible story to relate about growing up “lefty” please share.

Next door you may want to check out what southpaw chefs Dan and Matt at The Friendly Fox have cooked up for this special day. On the other end of the same block Tim the southpaw barber at Joe’s Barber Shop may have time to sit you down for a great haircut. Eran Park isn’t a lefty, but his astounding creativity in glass blowing certainly wants one to count him amongst the southpaws.

Don’t be left out! Plan now to attend. “Like” Born Again Quilts Facebook page for updates.

On another note, I had a wonderful time at the Quilters Hall of Fame exhibit with my friend Robin and her granddaughter Anna. Meredith Schroeder, this year’s inductee did a walk through of her quilt exhibit which is the custom. In Meredith’s case as co-founder of the American Quilter’s Guild and the National Quilt Museum as well as publisher of two quilt magazines, she doesn’t quilt. Meredith’s exhibit included art quilts from many quilt artists I recognize and admire. In the future I will highlight a few of these outstanding quilts and their makers.

Lois Levihn Eubank is the owner of Born Again Quilts restoration studio and quilt gallery. She can be reached at bornagainquilts@frontier.com.