City Putting Links is up and running again. It’s Fort Wayne’s only Putting Course on a real gigantic green. This is where the 2012 Senior Games held their 18-hole Putting Tournament.

A great way to be entertained without taking a long time. A twosome can play it in about a half hour, and a 4-some in probably about 50 minutes. Each hole is a really long hole with massive changes in the terrain, which in turn gives you alot of big breaking Putts! It’s challenging and alot of fun!

18 holes cost only $2. Weekends are the same price too. They’re listed on the door as 12-6 pm, but the Manager (“Skip”) told me he’s usually there from 9am to 9pm every day of the week. Even if you miss them, (say they left a little early), you can still play. The pins are still in the cup in all the holes, and there’s no gate. Just slide $2 per person in the front door mail slot, and go play. It’s the old fashioned Honor System.

Let’s support Fort Wayne’s only putting course. It’s located on Coombs Street, right over the little bridge off of Edgewater. The River City volleyball courts are right there too. If you need their phone number, it’s 433-2290.