If you want to get along swimmingly… don’t swim upstream.

Moms Away!
Recently, Phil and Marjorie lost their daughter, Laura, whose loves were Florida, Siesta Key, and the gulf. Shortly before her untimely demise, she asked that her remains be cremated and spread over the Gulf of Mexico, a few miles out from Siesta Key.

As her children, Chris and Aaron, were flying high above the gulf, in accordance to her wishes, they turned the urn with their mother’s ashes upside down, and shouted, “Moms away!”

January in Hades
January is our coldest month,
To that I can attest.
But to those in the Netherworld,
It’s the month they love the best.

Grandpa’s Luck
As Steve was getting his six-year-old grandson, Will, ready to go out, he said, “Grandpa, you sure are lucky.”
“Why?” grandpa wanted to know.
“Because you don’t have any hair to brush.”