My Angel is a Guardian

The Snow Angel
We built a wonderful snowman,
Right next to our home.
Put a snow lady beside him,
So he wouldn’t be alone.

Throughout the winter,
When the wind did blow,
She watched the children,
Making angels in the snow.

The Snowman to his lady said,
“Spring is just around the bend,
I love you more than life itself,
And hoped it would never end.”
“The days are warming and very soon,
We’ll surely melt away.
So God please don’t let us melt,
For this we humbly pray.”

That night when all was quiet,
And the moon lit up the snow,
Snow angel came to them and said,
“It’s time for you to go.”

“God heard your mournful prayer,
And commanded me to go,
And take you to a nice cold place,
Where there’s always ice and snow.

So come with me to that special land,
Where I’m taking you today,
Where your love will last an eternity,
And you’ll never melt away.

~Jimmy Schindler

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