Lapper-2014Janet Steadman first learned about Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana when her late husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. A coworker, who was a Cancer Services volunteer, told her she could get the help she needed at Cancer Services.

Then when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 she became a client of Cancer Services.

“When I came down with it I knew right where to turn,” Steadman said.

Cancer Services was able to help her navigate the myriad decisions she needed to make and provided her with the things she needed make her fight against cancer a little easier.

“They were able to tell me what all my options were and I think that was important,” she said. “That’s a big relief to know you can go and talk to someone where they know the ropes.”

Cancer Services provided her with cases of nutritional drink that helped her maintain her weight and strength during cancer treatment. Cancer Services also provided Steadman with a special lotion that helped with the burns and skin sensitivity caused by radiation therapy.

Once she was done with treatment she wanted to give back so she became a Cancer Services volunteer. Steadman drives clients to treatment and does various other volunteer duties for Cancer Services.

Last August, Steadman retired after working 16 years at Kohl’s. But she is once again gathering people from area stores to form a Lapper 2014 team. She also sits on the committee that plans the Lapper, one of Cancer Services most important fundraisers.

Steadman said she looks forward to the Lapper and Survivors Day celebration each year because “It’s a lot of fun and I think it’s a rewarding experience.”

All of the money raised during the Lapper stays in this community to help people diagnosed with cancer and their families. The goal is to reduce the financial and emotional burden of a cancer diagnosis.

Please join Janet and all of the other Cancer Services supporters at Lapper 2014.

To attend:
What: Lapper 2014 and Survivors Day
When: Saturday, May 17, 2014
9 a.m. – Check-In
10 a.m. ­­– Walk Begins
11 a.m. – Survivors Day Celebration
Where: Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana, 6316 Mutual Drive, Fort Wayne
For more information: call (260) 484-9560 or register online at