If you don’t know what you’re talking about
keep your damn mouth shut.

God’s Gifts
Snowcapped mountains,
Starry nights,
Blue-green seas,
Eagle’s flights.

Valley’s lilies,
Smell so sweet,
Waving fields
Of golden wheat.

Colorful flowers,
Buzzing bees,
Humming birds,
God gave us these.

It used to be lawyers were the most despicable profession and politicians were second. But the politicians have now moved into the number one spot. Since close to 50% of all politicians are lawyers, if that’s not double trouble, there’s not a cow in Texas. Quite frankly, I don’t know where the IRS currently stands on the list, but I hear they’re moving up fast.

The Winners
The top college football coach’s salaries are over a four million dollars a year. That’s ten times more than the President’s annual salary of $400,000. Is it because those coaches are winners!