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Why do those who understand not what they say, say so much?

On a Roll
Did you read about the team of students, at Purdue University, who won a $20,000 prize for creating a biodegradable fireworks casing out of corn that is lighter and less expensive than the products now on the market? Heck, on the farm, we had a unique use for corncobs and never won a darn thing. Of course we saved a lot of money on toilet paper.

If you'd buy only what you need and not what you want, you'd have a lot less needs.

June the 21st was the,
First day of summer.
If I knew it'd be this hot,
I wouldn't have come here.

The Truth
Some ladies think
I'm a chauvinist pig,
From the stories
That I write.
But to tell the truth,
I love the ladies,
Especially at night!

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