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A man walked down the street the other day,
The ladies of the Auxiliary came his way.
He took a poppy and gave them a dime,
He mumbled, "Why do they take up my time?"
He put the poppy in the buttonhole of his coat,
Next to some pencils and notes.
When he got home he placed the poppy on the table,
That red paper flower with a little white label.
As he looked at the flower; as if inspired,
He wondered, "Who put this flower on this wire?"
He's probably a man who once stood tall,
And for his country he gave his all.
He might once have piloted a plane,
Now gives his all just to walk with a cane.
His strong hands were a sense of power,
Now he makes this little red flower.
He still takes pride in what he has to do,
Petal by petal he makes this flower for you.
Next year when it comes to Poppy Day,
I'll be glad to see the Auxiliary come my way,
I'll cheerfully give them generously,
For the veteran making this flower could have been me.

- Author Unknown

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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