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STEAKS -COOKED RAY'S WAY (as I teach Boy Scouts to do it)


Steaks – 1/2 lb. (round, sirloin, blade, chuck, or whatever low grade steak you have) per person.

Salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste.


Build up a nice fire of hardwood and let it burn down to coals or use a nice bed of hot charcoal briquettes. Put the steaks on a grill over the coals, season to taste, and turn them over when the meat just turns brown on one side. Brown the other side and take them off while they are rare or at least medium rare (they should tender up later).

Put the steaks into a large cook pot, add a cup or so of water and cover tightly. Place the pot back on the edge of the grill near to, but not over, the direct heat. Keep turning the pot so that the pot receives heat evenly all the way around. Prepare the rest of your meal. The steaks will steam/cook and become tenderer than steaks taken directly from the grill. This enables you to use cheaper cuts of meat; it's what I call 'tender seasoning'. If your steaks don't come out the way you want then bring them to me for further testing. Sorry I can't return them once they've been tested but I'll let you know how they were.

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