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Digital Cameras versus the 35mm Film camera.


Although I am no pro at photography, I'm willing to take three cameras and test them out. I went to test them out on something I'm proud of, The new Smooth Jazz 106.7 billboard that I designed for the radio station. We used my personal digital camera from Santa Clause Olympus C4040, the trusty Canon Rebel from The Waynedale News and a newly purchased HP 715 from The Waynedale News.

The Digital Way: It's always nice to know that when you take a picture with a digital camera you will always get to see a preview of that picture. And with digital you never have to go to a film development center to pay to have your pictures developed. (Although the cost of the digital camera is higher) Digital cameras have come down in price and up in quality in the last few years. The real expensive part is the computers you would connect it to. If you don't have a computer, it is practically pointless to have a digital camera. Printing a digital picture is also not cheap, a photo quality inkjet printer or a film development center can print pictures from digital, but the cost is a bit higher. In time printing will improve and evolve to be easier and cheaper.

The Film Way: Film has been used for, well, for a long time. Anyone and everyone has had their pictures come back from the development center, and practically cried if their pictures don't turn out. I believe that waiting, and not knowing how your pictures will look is the end all worry for everyone who uses a film camera. (Except for a few film/preview cameras)

In my small review I really didn't research which camera was better. The cost of each is drastically different, but the way each camera will be used is also different. Obviously the photo camera will produce better pictures than the digitals. The digitals cost more than a photo camera. But at home, you can color correct your photos, and print multiple copies and sizes. With a computer and a printer and an imagination you can add text to photos and make greeting cards. And Grandma is in Florida with her computer, you can e-mail her pictures of the grandkids. Now Smile!!!

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