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30zip Dave Hancock of Indiana Construction scored 30zip (1st 3 games) at Sidepocket Georgetown for the Playfair Men’s Tuesday Night League.How many times have you missed a shot because 1) you pulled the trigger in less then (4) seconds or 2) you took 10 seconds or longer then you pulled the trigger. It happens once or twice a game to everybody. Here is an example. You're playing pool and everything is going in. You're pace is great and all of a sudden you come to a real easy cut shot. "Shah-Zam" you get down and shoot this shot in less then four seconds. Right? Guess what you just rattled the ball in the corner pocket. Now it's your opponent's turn at the table. You say to yourself or anybody close to you. "I can't believe that ball didn't go in." It happens, everybody's been there. The exact same results happened when taking too long on a shot. To stay on the table longer: 1) when you feel this happening to you stop and start all over. You need to average 7 seconds on every shot. 2) Understand exactly what results you want out of that shot before you get down on the shot. This will help immensely. Before long this will automatically be part of your game. Guess what? It won't be long and you will be up at the table longer. Until next issue practice,practice,practice.

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Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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