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Courtesy Apple ComputerThe New iMac from Apple Computer.


In the difficult and dark times of the digital information age comes a spark of hope and glory that the industry has needed since the introduction of Microsoft Windows 95. In 1994 when Windows 95 was introduced, people flocked to the stores to buy a new computer and use all these new tools. Also during that time, the Internet was growing at an un-measurable rate.

Now an all new iMac is totally redesigned from the bottom up. Apple is now fulfilling the "Digital Hub" concept, where people can now do more things with computers than ever before. The "Digital Hub" idea allows the iMac to enhance what you do with digital devices. iMovie, a digital video editing system that comes standard with every Macintosh. iDVD a user can burn their own DVDs to play on any DVD player. iTunes a digital jukebox that can sync with a portable music player called iPod® which holds 1000 songs in something the size of a deck of cards. And just introduced, iPhoto a digital camera software application that allows the user to download images from their digital camera, edit them, and share them. With iPhoto a user can order photo prints, upload them to their internet homepage, print them at any size, or even order an entire photo album all through iPhoto.

The new iMac may look real cool, but it runs far better than it looks. With the new super stable OS X (10.1) operating system, this little "Digital Hub" can edit videos, burn DVDs and CDs, and even print beautiful photographs. All this software comes standard on every Macintosh. And for those users that love Microsoft's Office and Word? You can even run Office on your new iMac.

I've already started my Christmas list for this year.

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