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Pool Shark-Larry Elam demonstrating the art of the break shot at Mickey & Billy’s, Southtown.  (Keep the ball on the table Larry.)Wow, here it is Playfair Amusements fall pool league winners, runner ups and individual accomplishments.

*SUNDAY LEAGUE 1st David Goodman, Roger Sipes, Mark Zahm, Carl D Agostino, Wally Walburn, Geno Medrano 2nd Larry Duke Jr., Larry Duke Sr., Brad Pio, Mike Hopple, Ed Lee, Danny Mata, Dean Emerson 3rd Ted Trevino, Greg Diamente, Steve Hartman, Arnold Helgesen, Dave Schroeder, Bret Agler 4th Billy Lewis, Steve Goodmiller, Mike Himmelhaver, Travis Mennewisch, Jason Winfield, Hal Zonker *High Average 1st David Goodman 8.67 2nd David Schroeder 8.53 3rd Billy Lewis 8.49 4th Larry Duke Jr. 8.45 *High Points 1st Roger Sipes 527 2nd David Goodman 520 3rd Dave Schroeder 512 4th Steve Hartsock 508

*MONDAY NIGHT LADIES 1st Lisa Adamonis, Tori Walburn, Helena Emerson, Karole Schnepp 2nd Debbie Golden, Brenda Wright, B.J. Plummer, Holly Moloney, Dawn Noble 3rd Julie Lichtsinn, Barb Blake, Lois Bigham, Karen Newport 4th Lori Stockman, Suzi Gerber, Dee Campbell, Kathy Franklin, Lisa Brown, Gina Helms *High Average 1st Lisa Adamonis 9.02 2nd Brenda Wright 9.00 3rd Dawn Noble 8.79 4th Tori Walburn 8.67 *High Points 1st Lisa Adamonis 459 2nd Dawn Noble 457 3rd Tori Walburn 451 4th Karole Schnepp 450

*TUESDAY NIGHT MENS MASTERS 1st Alan Moloney, Dewey Delong, Troy Emerson, Al Wasvick, Jack Gannon, Brock Able 2nd Dave Hancock, Ron Blaettner, C.W.Lions, Billy Lewis, Max Krause, Jimmy Jenkins 3rd Scott Vinson, Joe Burkhammer, Rick Zahm, Jack Hankins, Mike Curneal, 4th John Adamonis, Larry Elam, Max Graf, Wally Walburn, Grant Hurst, Dave Vanover *High Average 1st Rick Zahm 8.98 2nd Dewey Delong 8.89 3rd John Adamonis 8.78 4th Max Krause 8.60 *High Points 1st Dewey Delong 578 2nd John Adamonis 571 3rd Max Krause 559 4th (3 way tie) Scotty Vinson, Jack Hankins, Jim McCullough 551

*WEDNESDAY NIGHT OPEN 1st David Goodman, Roger Sipes, Carl DAgostino, Bryce Fox, Marv Laprad, Jim Davis 2nd Jauna Fuentes, Kevin Briner, Bob McCoy, Geno Medano, Chris Busse, Ziggy Dohner 3rd Tim Harrison, Rich Hartwig, Greg Windom, Greg Anderson, Mike Whiteside 4th Mike Hemmelhaver, Darryl Golden, Steve Goodmiller, Gary Hays, Travis Mennewisch *High Average 1st Robert Crown 9.00 2nd John Adamonis 8.92 3rd Al Wazvick 8.85 4th Carl DAgostino 8.81*High Points 1st John Adamonis 535 2nd Carl D'Agostino 528 3rd Greg Cook 524 4th Rich Hartwig 523.

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