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Set Free


We were at the high place. My brother Crawdad and I had just made the climb through the thicket to the crest of the high sacred spot over-looking the Huntington Reservoir. We had gone there to pray.

As Crawdad sat quiet on the limb of an old dead tree, I picked up my drum and started to sing. A vulture came and hovered overhead. My brother yelled: "My God, I expected a sign, but not this. What does it mean?" I said: "We will be alright, just be quiet."

As I continued drumming and singing, three more vultures came and circled overhead. We were speechless as I put down the drum and prepared for our pipe ceremony. When this was completed, two of the vultures just vanished and two were seen flying toward the earth.

It was a day of release and letting go. Spirits of loved ones were set free, and now the next time we look it will be eagles we see. That is the promise of the prayer I prayed for you and you prayed for me.


Dancing Feather

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