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Dancing FeatherI must admit---I’m a cat person. I’ve had a kitty ever since I was a little boy.

One time, my cat followed me to school. The teacher sent me and my cat home. She told me to leave the cat at home and for me to return to school.

Well, we made it home all right, but I was in no hurry to return to school.

Yep, you guessed it.

They sent my big brother after me to bring me back to school.

Yes, I finished school, and my cat?

Well, he was a school dropout.

Rev. Thomas
About This Author
"\"He was born & raised in Ft. Wayne is of Mohawk Indian ancestry. Dancing Feather is an ordained Christian minister & he have been a teacher of the Native American Medicine Wheel for over 20 years. He writes the \\\"Smoke on the Wind\\\" column in the ne