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DANCING FEATHERIn my meditation, dream time, and prayer time, I told God that I want to serve Him, but I'm confused. I follow the Red Road, and there are Christians who say I'm wrong and that I'm lost.

God answered and said, "I'm called and known by many names. Your people, the Iroquois, knew this and know it yet today. You also are known by many names. I love you, my son, and I know that you love me and my son, Jesus. Like you, He is an Elder. Follow Him like you are doing, and one day you will be with me in Paradise, singing Alleluiah!"

Rev. Thomas
About This Author
"\"He was born & raised in Ft. Wayne is of Mohawk Indian ancestry. Dancing Feather is an ordained Christian minister & he have been a teacher of the Native American Medicine Wheel for over 20 years. He writes the \\\"Smoke on the Wind\\\" column in the ne