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Two young entrepreneurs, Alex Cornwell (22) and Michael Alberico (22) as of September 1st, 2009 have become the new owners of The Waynedale News. Each as active members of the Waynedale community have been involved in area groups and functions. Alex Cornwell, who has worked for the newspaper for over four years, owns a Waynedale based web design firm, ACORN Design LLC and also serves on the board of directors for The Brenda Hanchar Foundation. Michael Alberico has worked on numerous community service projects and received awards, such as the United States Presidential Service Award for his endeavors. Based on their business and newspaper experience, these new owners have many innovative ideas for the paper, which has served the community for the past seventy seven years.

The Waynedale News is a free newspaper publication distributed twice a month in and around the South West Fort Wayne or "Waynedale" area which provides information to the public about Waynedale events or interests. The success of the newspaper is a direct result of community support and local marketing. Throughout the many years of operations, The Waynedale News, once known as The Waynedaler, is an entity that the Waynedale community accepts and expects.

Cornwell and Alberico's overall goal for The Waynedale News is to sustain and build on the community binding newspaper. As a major objective for the future, The Waynedale News will become more community driven and influenced. The newspaper will serve as a hub for community information and knowledge, where any community member is invited to submit story ideas, articles or photos for publication in the paper. In the past, The Waynedale News has been an active member of the community, but with the new ownership, the newspaper will become an intricate part of Waynedale activity and promotion. With this new presence, the paper will serve to promote business and residential growth within Waynedale and the surrounding area. In return for the business advertising and community support, these new owners feel The Waynedale News should reflect the true spirit of Waynedale and relay this message to others outside the community.

In the interest of these new owners, The Waynedale News will remain accurate and enjoyable for readers around the community. The Waynedale community should look forward to seeing what these young and ambitious individuals have to offer. The Waynedale News is always looking for community support in the form of donations, articles, photos, story ideas and advertising; please contact us with any support you can contribute to keep this newspaper alive at (260) 747-4535.

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