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Are you getting the most from your 401(k)? Many people aren't.

To obtain the maximum benefits from your 401(k) plan, you have to make two key moves. First, you need to contribute as much as you can afford. And second, you need to invest for long-term growth.

Let's look at the issue of contributions first. There are very few hard-and-fast rules in the investment world—but it almost always makes sense to contribute as much as you can afford to your 401(k). After all, you generally invest in...

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If you're a bowler, the last thing you want is a split. If you're an investor, however, the picture is a little more complex. If you own a stock that's going to split, or already has split, there are a few things you should know.

A stock split occurs when a company decides to increase the number of its outstanding shares while decreasing the value of those shares. So, for example, if you own one share of stock that sells for $20, and the stock splits two for one, you will now own two shares...

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