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You don't have to be handsome or pretty, to be a beautiful human being.

No Call
Stan asked me my phone number and when I hesitated, he said, "What's the matter, don't you know your own phone number?"
"I had to stop and think," I answered, "because I never call myself. Do you know why?"
"No why?"
"Because if I answer when I call myself, people think I'm nuts."

The Picture
The only known photograph of Billy "The Kid," taken in 1879, recently sold for 2.3 million dollars and I'm not kidding. That's more than he ever made robbing and killing. If there is a moral to this story, it has to be, the next time you feel like shooting off your mouth or anything else...shoot a picture instead. It pays better.

The Almighty Dollar
People used to chase the almighty dollar to buy stuff.
Now they chase it so they can keep the stuff.
~Bruce Buck

Jim Schindler
Author: Jim Schindler
About This Author
A graduate of John Carroll University and a successful businessman, the founder/CEO of Bandido's Mexican restaurants. Jim writes the "Schindler Sez" column in the newspaper. He also authors a series of books of short, true, and humorous stories. Read More...

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