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The truth will always be the truth...no matter how much the politicians lie.

Fruitcake Anyone
Did you read about the guy who was badly mauled when he jumped from the elevated train, into the tiger's den at the Bronx Zoo? The reason he gave was, "He wanted to be one with the tiger." The reason, at least in my opinion, the tiger didn't eat him...was because he didn't like fruitcake!

The Zack Attack
Jo had a son named Zack,
So handsome, she a Zack attack.
With a winning smile and eyes of blue,
When the girls saw him, they had a Zack attack too.

Only a fool refuses the counsel of wise men. By counseling with wise men, you add their knowledge and experience to your own, which dramatically increases your chance for success.
~Andy Andrews~

Jim Schindler
Author: Jim Schindler
About This Author
A graduate of John Carroll University and a successful businessman, the founder/CEO of Bandido's Mexican restaurants. Jim writes the "Schindler Sez" column in the newspaper. He also authors a series of books of short, true, and humorous stories. Read More...

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