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Dennis Rohrs, Human Resource Director at Fort Wayne Metals had a flawed idea a few holidays ago. In memory of his mom, Trudy, he had a local artisan create a Christmas tree skirt that included lots of family photos and memories of his Mom. His idea was to share the skirt with his five living siblings; sort of like a traveling trophy.

Like most mothers and grandmothers, Trudy's death five years ago left a huge hole in the family holiday celebration.

The Christmas celebration was always held at her house starting with a massive breakfast. Of course the family cookie tray included candy cane cookies, date bars and other magical delights.

So let's do the math on the Rohrs' traveling Christmas tree skirt. With six kids and one skirt, that meant that each person would be able to use the Christmas tree skirt every six years. Sounds like a lifetime. So, his sister Denise, ever the clever one, had five other skirts made last year. She didn't tell her brother Dennis that she was doing this. She wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. Voila! Now the entire family can enjoy Mom's memories.

Dennis Rohrs had an idea which grew into more. If you are interested in having something similar done for your family the local artisan is Keepsake Threads, a local sewing company, www.keepsakethreads.com or call Deb at (260) 403-7200 to get your project started.


The Waynedale News Staff
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