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(l-r) Michael Romary, CEO; Kurt Beuchel, general sales manager; and Annette Kinnison, office manager.  MagniFI is located at 6721 Old Trail Road in Waynedale.You may have noticed another addition to downtown Waynedale. It is MagniFI, an outsource partner for financial institutions, providing market intelligence and analysis, property search, architectural and engineering services, general contracting, and project financing. They are located just behind Tower Bank, at the corner of Old Trail and Lower Huntington Roads. This spot has been occupied by many successful businesses over the years. It was initially occupied by Churchward's Blacksmith Shop. At that time, there was no Bluffton Road. The Old Trail Road was the main road that led from south of Fort Wayne to Indianapolis. Travelers could stop by with their horse and buggy at the blacksmith shop and get any necessary repairs before their long journey south to Indy.

MagniFI works with financial institutions to help them expand their businesses to a new level. Two of their more visible local clients are Three Rivers Federal Credit Union on Bluffton Road and Tower Bank, corner of Lower Huntington and Old Trail Roads.

MagniFI has the ability to meet with a client, determine their needs to expand, direct that expansion into workable architectural sketches, build to the new specifications and then provide security at that location. From the original concept, to handing over the keys to the finished product, MagniFI is there with the right answers at the right time.

When you first walk into their new office building you are awestruck by the new state-of-the-art design. There is a clean, sculptured, futuristic feeling of being in the center of a dynamic office complex. As we sat in the conference room and talked about future plans, Kurt Beuchel, General Sales Manager opened a laptop, keyed in some information and four different views of the MagniFI complex appeared on a screen on the office wall.

Real-time images of the complex could be manipulated to the computer users desire, and all from the comfort of a mod-designed high-back office chair.

The new business, MagniFI, doesn't shoe horses, but the business is at crossroads of sorts. It is a crossroads between Atlanta and the West Coast. Those are the directions CEO Michael Romary is looking towards for the future of his branching business.

Charlie Churchward would be amazed to see what is now taking place on the same ground that used to house the old blacksmith shop.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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