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(Preventing Telemarketing Fraud)

Do not feel pressured to accept any offer immediately or to act before you can find out more information.

Do not be afraid to hang up the telephone if you feel uncomfortable.

Do not provide your credit card, bank account number, or other financial information if you are not paying with those accounts or if you are not buying anything.

Do not provide your Social Security number unless you are applying for credit or if the company has a legitimate reason to check your credit report.

Do not pay an up-front fee to a company promising to reclaim money you have lost to another fraudulent scheme. It is illegal for a company to ask for advance payment for such services.

Do ask for additional information to be sent to you in the mail about any telephone offer you are considering.

Do find out the risks involved with any investment. All investments inherently have some level of risk. However, only you know what is an acceptable level of risk given your financial situation.

Do be wary of offers that promise large profits with little or no effort, and beware of companies that guarantee profits.

Do call the AARP National Fraud Information Center (1-800-876-7060), the Indiana Attorney General, or the Better Business Bureau to find out additional information about a company before doing business with them.

Do be wary of telephone calls or postcards claiming that you have won a prize and must buy something or send money for processing, customs, taxes or any other reason.

Do get all the information before donating to a charity. Find out exactly what the charity is, if they are registered with the State of Indiana, and what percentage of the contribution actually goes to the charity.

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