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Angela gets acquainted with her new client, Miola.  Miola is a mix between a German Shepherd and the sneaky neighbor dog.Just 20 minutes south of Waynedale on Bluffton Road/St. Rd. 1 is a new boarding house for your pet. Angela's Rooming-N-Grooming is on your left-hand side, (2559 North) just before the new Wal-Mart in Bluffton.

Angela actually started grooming dogs in 1988, right here in Waynedale. She was located on Lower Huntington and Beaty Ave. Her husband, Mark is a self-employed painting contractor, and they have four girls, Madalyn 1, Alaina 2, Sharice 4, and Breana 14.

"I have always loved being around animals," said Angela. "My father, Louis Schroeder was a Veterinarian, so having a grooming/boarding facility just seemed to be the natural thing to do. I wanted my new facility to be able to provide the quality care and attention to pets as if they were my own.

Angela has two employees, Megan Pulfer, and Sherry Hofsetter.

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