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New Owners of The Waynedale Bakery (l to r) Christine Miller, Hal and Fran Clinger learning baking secrets from Bonnie Harris.Bonnie Harris of the Waynedale Bakery recently announced that she has sold her business to the Clinger family. Bonnie, who purchased the Waynedale business four years ago says she will be taking some "Bonnie Time". She plans to do a bit of traveling and work on the landscaping around her new home. Bonnie and her husband, Bob, made many improvements to the bakery over the last years, including adding a lunch counter for those interested in a wholesome, delicious lunch in a short amount of time. Bonnie's lunches have been enjoyed by many over the past few years.

The new owners, Hal & Fran Clinger and their daughter, Christine Miller are from the Grabill area. They like the small town atmosphere in Waynedale and are not planning any major changes in the way the bakery is run. Christine was previously with Hall's Cakery, and is skilled in the art of cake decorating. She is married to Kevin Miller, who works at the Facts Paper Company. Their four children are Ashley, 13; Haley, 8; Jeremy, 5; and Jason, 7 months. Christine and Kevin's older children attend school at St. John's Catholic.

The Waynedale Bakery has been in the area since 1955. It has always been a place where the community comes together. Bonnie had been renting the building, but the Clingers purchased the building, and may consider expanding at a later date.

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