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Owner Jason Price and finishing expert Scott Hartman are always looking for ways to take their graphics business, GraphXdirect, to the next step. They have over ten years experience in graphics production. They are located at 2502 Church Street in Waynedale across from the Waynedale United Methodist Church.

GraphXdirect, Inc. began in 1999 as a service provider of large format prints and graphics. In 2001 GraphXdirect serves many different customers. Photographers utilize their services and retail store owners rely on their graphic abilities to increase sales. Lobby displays, posters, kiosks, floor & signage museum graphics, backdrops, back-lit displays are just a few of the graphics this business brings to customers.

Their powerful marketing skills can be seen at The Lincoln Museum, 200 E. Berry Street. It houses a banner produced by the GraphiXdirect group. This forward-thinking business also designs custom printed wallpaper, as displayed in the new Hall's Catering Service next to Hall's Coliseum Café on North Clinton.

GraphiXdirect is a one-stop shop for almost any graphic requirement. Whether a business has an existing display in need of sprucing up for the next convention or a completely new one, GraphiXdirect provides the graphics that define the clients' image. Scott says, "Telling your story becomes practical, stylish, and cost-effective with us."

Several products have been pioneered by GraphiXdirect. The first were Flexan and Flexan 2 rollable graphics panels. The next unique one-of-a-kind product was their large-format 3D Depth and Flip graphics.

They invested in some special software to create amazing one-of-a-kind graphics that only a handful of companies can produce. Jason said, ""These lenticular graphics creates stunning visual effects such as one image changing into another or multiple layers of depth. For example, a flat panel less than 1/8inch thick can be made to appear two feet deep!"

Their real reward however, comes from knowing that their work has helped someone. "It doesn't matter if we are designing custom wallpaper for a business or homeowner or a display panel for the next convention. When that customer is happy we are too, " said Jason.

Call GraphiXdirect today, the local source for exhibit graphics. Jason and Scott are dedicated to serving you the customer. This company's powerful marketing skills will get you started with an identity that will get you noticed.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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