Waynedale Featured News - The Waynedale News http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news.html Tue, 28 Oct 2014 19:39:11 -0400 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb TAYLOR’S CHANDLER BIRCH WINS $3,000 COLLEGE NOVEL CONTEST http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11718-taylor%E2%80%99s-chandler-birch-wins-%243%2C000-college-novel-contest.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11718-taylor%E2%80%99s-chandler-birch-wins-%243%2C000-college-novel-contest.html Taylors-Chandler-BirchMany students entering the Taylor University professional writing major dream that, through the department's teaching, they will one day have their novels published. Chandler Birch, a 2014 graduate, had this dream become a reality in August when he won the Simon & Schuster Student Writing Contest with his fantasy novel, Ashes. He was flown to New York City in mid-October, where he signed his book contract and was presented a $3,000 advance check. The novel is scheduled for national release in early March.

"It still seems like a dream," says Birch, who now resides in Colorado Springs, where he is employed as a staff writer and projects coordinator with Christian Writers Guild and its affiliate Believer's Press. "We first had to send in book proposals, and thousands of college students submitted entries. Those were narrowed to ten finalists, myself included. We finalists then had to complete our novels for a final judging, and mine was chosen number one."

Birch's desire to write began when he was eight years old. In third grade he started working on his own stories, though many were just knockoffs of TV shows. As he kept writing and refining his style, he realized just how much he loved writing.

Birch met Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, chairman of the department of professional writing at Taylor University, when Birch was in eighth grade. Dr. Hensley was lecturing at the Writing for the Soul conference, and Chandler's father arranged a luncheon meeting for the two.

"Chandler told me, even back then, that he wanted to come to Taylor University and study under me after he finished high school," recalls Hensley. "For the next four years, he kept in touch with me. I sent him articles on writing to read and study, and I edited and returned some of his high school writing assignments he asked me to review and critique."

Birch didn't waste time upon arriving at Taylor in 2010. He started writing articles for the university's newspaper, The Echo, and devotional scripts for WBCL radio. He began publishing his freelance manuscripts in Living the Gospel Life, Church Libraries, The Aboite Independent, and Christian Book Previews. He was even a contributing author in the book Every Day with Jesus (Worthy Publishers, 2012).

Birch first heard about the Simon & Shuster contest during his senior year, when a professional writing graduate linked the contest through Facebook. Students would enter the contest by sending in 50 pages of their novels and a 750 word summary for the chance to win an iPad Mini. Birch originally entered the contest to push himself to complete a novel.

"I need deadlines as a motivator. Something like 'write 50 pages in the next 15 days' keeps me going," Birch admits.

He was already on the fifth draft of Ashes when he entered the contest. His earlier drafts were written by the "seat-of-the-pants," a style of writing in which the author comes up with the story as he or she creates the draft. By the time Birch came to write the contest draft, he had an ending in mind with his characters fully developed. He also stated that the magic elements of his fantasy story had been fully realized by then with their rules and restrictions established.

While at Taylor, Birch took a wide variety of writing courses, including "Commercial Fiction Writing," "Freelance Writing," "Senior Capstone," and two courses in "Foundations of Professional Writing," all taught by Dr. Hensley. Birch also studied creative writing, business writing, advanced editing and several literature courses.

Birch graduated from Taylor in May 2014. He first heard about the position with Christian Writers Guild, where he now works, from an email he received from Dr. Hensley.

Hensley explains, "My closest friend, Jerry B. Jenkins, author of Left Behind, contacted me in early 2014 and told me he needed to hire someone full-time to work in his Christian Writers Guild organization. I told him my student Chandler Birch would be graduating in May and would be perfect for the job."

Birch sent his resume and started working on May 27. "I enjoy the assignments and the people I work with," Birch says. "I recently became heavily involved in CWG's Operation First Novel contest—meaning I've been judging books at the same time mine was being judged. That was an ironic but enlightening experience."

Birch's accomplishment is one of many successes from Taylor's professional writing department. In 2010, Matt Mimnaugh wrote a novel during his senior year and got it published one month after graduating. Before graduating in 2013, Amy Green published two stage plays and five novels.

"As my current students see this kind of track record of our department," notes Dr. Hensley, "they realize that this kind of success can also be theirs if they work hard enough."

Chandler Birch has announced he is already working on a sequel to Ashes.

Brian J. Branscum is a professional writing major at Taylor University and a book reviewer for Church Libraries.

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SIX SIMULTANEOUS RIBBON CUTTINGS AT 1ST SOURCE http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11719-six-simultaneous-ribbon-cuttings-at-1st-source.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11719-six-simultaneous-ribbon-cuttings-at-1st-source.html 1st-Source-Bank-Waynedale-Banking-Center1st Source Bank celebrated the first stage of an $8 million investment in Fort Wayne with the grand reopening of six remodeled banking centers. Six simultaneous ribbon cuttings were held at the newly remodeled banking centers Friday, October 10 at 10 a.m. 1st Source also presented $1,000 donations to local not-for-profit organizations at each ribbon cutting celebration.

Chris Murphy, 1st Source Chairman and CEO, joined Larry Mayers, 1st Source Regional President, in leading the ribbon cutting at the 1st Source Downtown Banking Center at 200 East Main Street.

The celebrations mark the completion of extensive remodeling at all six Fort Wayne.

1st Source Banking Centers and the introduction of Side-by-Side banking, in which bankers share their workspace, screens and banking know-how directly with clients. Traditional teller windows that act as boundaries are replaced, and clients can get a clear view of their finances with a banker at their side.

Additional ribbon cutting celebrations at:
East State Banking Center - 6506 East State Boulevard
North Anthony Banking Center - 3602 North Anthony Boulevard
Pine Valley Banking Center - 10633 Coldwater Road
Covington Plaza Banking Center - 6304 West Jefferson Boulevard
Waynedale Banking Center - 5719 Bluffton Road

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MYERS’ ANNOUNCE 65TH ANNIVERSARY http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11720-myers%E2%80%99-announce-65th-anniversary.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11720-myers%E2%80%99-announce-65th-anniversary.html MYERS-65thRoger and Vonola Myers of Fort Wayne celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary with a gathering of their sons and their families.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Myers are graduates of International Business College where they met.

They were married on October 16, 1949 in Tocsin, IN.
They have three sons, Larry and Cheryl of Lombard, Illinois, Dale of Brookline, Massachusetts and Carl and Cheryl of Avilla. They also have 8 grandchildren, one grandchild who is deceased and six great-grandchildren.

Mr. Myers served his country proudly in the Army Air Corps during World War II and then worked for Delta Air Lines for more than 43 years. Mrs. Myers has served proudly as mother and homemaker for her family.

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F.O.E EAGLES 248 DONATES $13,000 TO SPCA http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11721-f-o-e-eagles-248-donates-$13,000-to-spca.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11721-f-o-e-eagles-248-donates-$13,000-to-spca.html FOE-248-SPCA-DonationThe F.O.E Post 248 raised a total of $13,000 for The Allen County SPCA! The Eagles motto is "People helping people. People helping pets."

Our local Waynedale neighborhood Eagles 248 held their annual benefit for the Allen County SPCA on October 4, 2014. The fundraiser was filled with many fun activities throughout the day including: an auction, reverse countdown drawing, 50/50 raffle, furry friends attending that needed adoption, and many other "fun ticket" drawings throughout the day.

It was a huge success, raising a grand total of $13,000 for the SPCA. This money will be used to help feed, spay/ neuter, and vaccinate the animals, along with many other things needed to support and care for the many animals housed in the SPCA.

A lot of time and preparation goes into the many benefits the Eagles 248 holds, which are all made possible by volunteers and employees of the local Eagles. This F.O.E is not just a club, it's a house of family and friends who all come together to participate in many fundraising and fun activities throughout the year. This year alone, we have held activities such as: a summer family picnic, 4th of July picnic and fireworks, a fundraiser for members who have illnesses and are in need of assistance, along with the SPCA benefit for our furry friends in need.

This is all brought to you by our local Waynedale Eagles Aerie 248 at 4940 Bluffton Road. Come join us, and our family, and see for yourself! Thank you to all our Eagles Members!!

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LEAVING A LEGACY http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11722-leaving-a-legacy.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11722-leaving-a-legacy.html Recently I was approached by a friend who inquired if I had thought about getting a will written for myself. As an adult in her late 20s, I looked at my friend like he was crazy! Why in the world would I consider having my will written at such a young age? In reality, it makes sense. I recently bought a home, own a car, and officially have a retirement plan. Adulthood is definitely in full swing.

So, I gave it some serious thought and I decided to go about writing my will in a unique way. I found an attorney who was willing to write my will for free as long as I left a gift to a charity or community organization in my will. Many organizations here in Fort Wayne promote the idea of leaving a legacy by partnering with local attorneys who will trade their legal services for the commitment of a gift made to a deserving and local organization.

Shortly after this, all the paperwork came in the mail for me to work through to make sure that my will was exactly as I wanted it. I sat down to sort through it all and had to pause. What organization in the community was important enough to me that I wanted to donate a portion of my estate to them in my will? Of course my family was included at the top of my list, but I have always been an active volunteer and wanted to consider a deserving organization as well. I weighed a few options and finally came to a conclusion! I have always grown up on the south end of Fort Wayne, and recently purchased my home here in the Waynedale community. Waynedale is the area of town where I live, work, grocery shop, eat out, and volunteer my time. I love this community and after some thought it became obvious that the most logical place for me to consider a gift in my will was right under my nose! THE WAYNEDALE NEWS!

This wonderful, FREE community newspaper is distributed to over 35,000 readers and is accessible all over the Waynedale community. The Waynedale News is a constant advocate for the community, a positive light in the news around us, and a supporter of community events and fundraisers. Its staff are largely involved in community development by volunteering their time in ways that encourage the Waynedale community to grow and develop as a long-standing place for families and business to find a home.

It was decided! I would place The Waynedale News in my will as the organization of my choice to receive a gift from my estate. I am more than happy with my decision and it makes perfect sense! This is just a small way for me to show my appreciation for the work The Waynedale News has done and to congratulate them as they celebrate their 82nd year as an integral part of the Waynedale community.

Young or old, I strongly encourage you to consider having a will written. What a great way to give back to an organization in the Waynedale area that is constantly giving to the community!

--- Publisher's Note: This article was submitted by a community member who wishes to remain anonymous, but who wanted to announce their appreciation for the newspaper and its activities. We thank them for their generosity, as the Waynedale News depends on personal donations in addition to advertising to continue publishing, printing and delivery to all our wonderful our readers in the Waynedale Community.

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MAYOR HENRY PRINCIPAL FOR A DAY AT MIAMI MIDDLE SCHOOL http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11723-mayor-henry-principal-for-a-day-at-miami-middle-school.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11723-mayor-henry-principal-for-a-day-at-miami-middle-school.html Fort Wayne Community Schools welcomed 55 community members into schools to serve as guest principals for the annual Principal for a Day event. Guests representing local businesses, elected officials, service organizations and community groups, visited their assigned schools the morning of Thursday, Oct. 16, unless other arrangements were made.

The guest principals visited the schools from the beginning of the school day until noon, experiencing what a principal goes through in a day. From welcoming students into a building to dealing with concerned parents to working directly with teachers to improve academic achievement, principals do it all. The guests will see the amount of time principals spend as instructional leaders, a key component to ensuring each student is educated to high standards.

Following the shadowing experience, the principals and their guests were invited to lunch at AnthisCareerCenter, 1200 S. Barr St., where Culinary Arts students prepared and served a delicious French-inspired meal.

"This event is one of the highlights of the school year," Superintendent Wendy Robinson said. "Education has changed immensely just in the last decade and looks nothing like it did when our guests were in school. We are excited to show our guests the rigorous academic environment in which our students learn each and every day and what our staff members are doing to ensure students are prepared for life after high school."

The guest principals come from a variety of occupations, leadership positions and organizations in our community.

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LUERS GRAD OPENS TOM’S DONUTS http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11733-luers-grad-opens-tom%E2%80%99s-donuts.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11733-luers-grad-opens-tom%E2%80%99s-donuts.html LUERS-GRAD-OPENS-TOMS-DONUTSOn Tuesday, October 14, Tom's Donuts opened in Georgetown Plaza next to Kroger. Formerly Georgetown Donuts, this will be the fourth Tom's Donuts in Fort Wayne. Since 1970, Tom's Donuts has been a locally owned donut franchise. The latest location will be owned and operated by Fort Wayne residents, Tyler and Melissa Wasson.

Melissa Wasson grew up around the donut business. Her family has been working with Tom's Donuts since 1980, or before she was born. Her parents continue to manage the shop located on the corner of State Street and Wells Street.

"My family has taken great pride in providing freshly baked donuts for over 35 years," says Melissa Wasson. "I'm excited for my husband and I to get involved in the family business and carry on the tradition."

Melissa attended Snider High School and Purdue University, and Tyler attended Bishop Luers and Ball State University. They have two young daughters.

Tom's Donuts located in Georgetown Plaza will feature Free Wi-Fi and will be open from 6am – 1pm daily. It is located at 6328 East State Blvd.

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300 AIRMEN DEPLOYED http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11734-300-airmen-deployed.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11734-300-airmen-deployed.html The 122nd Fighter Wing, which flies the A-10 "Warthog" airframe, deployed about 300 airmen, or around a third of its members, overseas in early October to the U.S. Central Command region.

"I don't know of a time in Blacksnake history we have taken this kind of aviation footprint forward," said Col. Patrick R. Renwick, 122nd Fighter Wing Commander. "The A-10 "Warthog" is uniquely suited for the Combatant Commander's needs, and the Blacksnakes are the right team to bring that capability to combat."

The deployment is historic for its length and size relative to previous Air National Guard deployments, which in the past have ranged from 30 to 90 days. At the 122nd Fighter Wing, it is rare to have an airman gone longer than 120 days overseas. While it is common for the active duty Air Force to deploy a base overseas for an extended amount of time, the 122nd Fighter Wing is one of the only Air National Guard bases in history to take on a mission of this size and length.

"The Airmen of the 122nd Fighter Wing are trained and ready to answer our nation's call to duty," said Renwick. "The Air National Guard and the Blacksnakes are a proven choice in combat, I have no doubt we can accomplish any mission assigned!"

Airmen deployed have been through extensive preparation, ranging from cultural awareness to weapons qualification to medical training. These airmen will be carrying out the same job overseas that they have been training monthly for at the 122nd Fighter Wing as drill status guardsmen.

"I'm excited for our maintainers," said Col. Craig E. Ash, 122nd Fighter Wing Maintenance Group Commander. "We have the best training, equipment and aircraft in the world; we've been preparing and training for this deployment for the past few months; and I am fully confident in our ability to deploy one of the country's most lethal fighting forces to support and defend US efforts abroad."

The 122nd Fighter Wing has had service members volunteer for deployments around the world since 9-11, to locations including Iraq, Afghanistan, Spain, Japan and within the United States among other locations.

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8TH GRADERS VOLUNTEER AT COMMUNITY HARVEST FOOD BANK http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11748-8th-graders-volunteer-at-community-harvest-food-bank.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11748-8th-graders-volunteer-at-community-harvest-food-bank.html Eighth graders help to bag the large amount of uncooked macaroni that had been recently delivered to Community Harvest Food Bank.On Oct. 1, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School 8th graders visited Community Harvest Food Bank for a tour and to work as volunteers. The 56 8th graders, along with their homeroom teachers Mrs. Jodi Jump and Mrs. Deb Brough and 10 parent chaperones, were given a tour and overview of the large facility on Tillman Road by Programs Manager Tammy Klimek and Community Harvest Food Bank's Darlene Mack.

Community Harvest Food Bank is a member of Feeding America and collects large quantities of food from various sources such as Walmart and other stores. It warehouses the food, keeping some of the food in room-sized freezers and other cold storage. The food is then given to individuals, families, churches, soup kitchens and rescue missions. Children are given bags of food in a backpack program for the children to take home to their families. Community Harvest Food Bank is also prepared to give out non-perishable food and water in the case of a local disaster or emergency.

The 56 8th graders spent the morning sorting food and shelving food items. A number of the students also helped to bag huge amounts of uncooked macaroni. Nine tons of the macaroni had recently been delivered and needed to be bagged in small Ziplock bags, according to Community Harvest Food Bank's Tammy Klimek.

This is an annual service project for Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School's 8th graders. "The really cool part of today's service project is that it is connected to next winter's Canstruction project," said Teacher Jodi Jump. "The students get to see the place where all the canned goods will go to, and how this warehouse will help people in their need for food." Canstruction is a project in which the students will collect canned goods and create unusual structures out of the canned goods for display to the public. At the end of the Canstruction project, the students donate all of the canned goods back to Community Harvest Food Bank.

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