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Azars-Big-Boy-Homestead-20-Years-agoAbout this time, twenty years ago, students of the Class of 1994 were entering their senior year at Homestead High School.

On Saturday, August 2, 2014 these same classmates gathered to share memories of years gone by. Twenty years of memories. Teachers...the good, the bad and the ugly; students...the cute, the athletic and the nerds; and of course the shenanigans...

Members of the student government were at the Class Reunion: Aaron Leinker, Seth Barr, James Stanford, Matt Viars and Matt Musgrave.

All, also, coordinators of a hostage.

"Originally," said Aaron Leinker, "it was a hair-brained scheme."

Musgrave added, "We wondered...is it doable?"

"Could we lift it!? Is it movable?"

This group of young bucks said they talked for at least two weeks, about their hair-brained scheme of kidnapping Azar's Big Boy statue, which stands over 8-foot tall, and is very robust.

Then someone offered up a pickup truck.

"Ok, let's do it!" the high-spirited classmates said on August 24, 1993.

2am came around, then 3am. It was time to make the move.

Big Boy was going for a ride!
They loaded him into the pickup truck and took off. Afraid of getting caught, these 5 genius members of the student government threw a blanket over him and headed for a cornfield. There they hid the BIG boy!

Back then, News Sentinel writer Carol Tannehill described it best, "Azar's Restaurant cherubic mascot, Big Boy, was abducted from his concrete perch at 1010 Coliseum Blvd., North sometime before day break...Azar's employees called Fort Wayne police shortly after they noticed Big Boy was missing.

The victim is a pudgy plastic male about 40 years old, but he looks much younger. He is wearing-as always-a pair of red-white checked overalls, a white "Big Boy" t-shirt with blue trim, and clunky black shoes. He has dark hair, combed into a curl at the forehead."

The entire city of Fort Wayne waited...and waited, for clues or the return of the missing Big Boy.

At 7:30am one fall Monday morning, five days after his hostage incident, Big Boy reappeared on the 15-foot roof of Homestead High School wearing a sign that read, "Hello, I'm your new principal."
No one knew who took the 8-foot plus hamburger toting Big Boy.

Until now...
Remembering the good times, Aaron Leinker said with a twinkle in his eye, " I wonder if Big Boy wants to come to our class reunion!"

He caught up with John Ferris from Azar's in Waynedale and, sure enough, Big Boy was on his way to his 20th year Class Reunion.

Homestead's High School Class of 1994 was greeted by Big Boy as they entered Parkview Field's reception hall.

Big Boy held a sign that read, "Welcome Class of 1994!"

Talking about the twenty years gone by, one of the classmates said, "Only difference I see are the highlites in Big Boy's hair. Just like us!"

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2014 WAYNEDALE PICNIC IN THE PARK http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11581-2014-waynedale-picnic-in-the-park.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11581-2014-waynedale-picnic-in-the-park.html

Our great annual Waynedale 'Picnic in the Park" is coming up on Saturday, August 23, 2014. We are excited because it is our 12th year for our families to gather for a fun-filled day in our local park.

This is a great tradition for Waynedale residents to support their community. The picnic is to encourage the children and their families to come out to our great park to enjoy the day. Our picnic is supported by many and in turn "free" to all that come. We generally have more than 1500 people come throughout the day.

The day begins at 10 am with sign up for free games children 1-13 years of age. They are able to play carnival games until the prizes are gone. Everyone may sign up for free door prizes that will be given away throughout the day.

Children may join in other fun things like balloon animals, moon walk, titanic and craft-making.
Entertainment by a local D.J. and free bingo.
The picnic food starts at 11am in our food tent. Pizza and hot dogs with lots of great snacks. Desserts of cake and ice cream given out until it is gone.

Some of the food is donated along with paper products and the rest is purchased with your donations. Remember that the donations we receive from our local businesses, neighborhood associations, and many friends of Waynedale keep our picnic going each year. Please check out the sponsor's names on the board located at the pavilion and thank them. Without these sponsors there would not a picnic for us to enjoy.

We must not forget the volunteers that help in many ways to get the day going, keep it going and to clean up after. We are still in need of volunteers, so if you can spare a day to make children smile then contact us now. If you have a group of adults or teenagers that can help, we really would appreciate the assistance. Just call or show up at the park by 9:30am.

Our Waynedale community is a great place to live and work, so come and join us on Saturday, August 23 to celebrate the day. Several churches, local organizations, and the National Guard along with many "vendors or businesses" come every year to share with us some fun and ideas. You can make a donation for table space and let us know about your organization or business. Remember no selling of products only given out of information.

Please come to our Waynedale "Picnic in the Park" and see what fun you are missing. You may call for additional details, questions or donations.
Contact: Beulah Matzcak at 747-6305 or Cheryl Connett at 747-5272.

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SNYDER ALT FORTHCOMING WEDDING http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11582-snyder-alt-forthcoming-wedding.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11582-snyder-alt-forthcoming-wedding.html

Snyder-Alt-EngagmentMr. & Mrs. Steve Snyder, Hicksville, are pleased to announce the engagement and forthcoming wedding of their daughter, Chelsea Louise, to Matthew Nicholas Alt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Alt of Fort Wayne, IN.

The bride is a 2003 graduate of Hicksville High School, Hicksville, Ohio. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from IPFW in 2007 and is currently employed as a senior graphic and web designer at Our Sunday Visitor in Huntington.

The groom is a 2000 graduate of Wayne High School and received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from IPFW and Master of Science in biology from IUPUI in 2007. He is employed as a chemist at Amalgamated, Inc. in Fort Wayne.

The wedding is planned for August 23, 2014 at The Chapel in Fort Wayne.

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DAFFORN’S CELEBRATE 45TH ANNIVERSARY http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11583-dafforn-s-celebrate-45th-anniversary.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11583-dafforn-s-celebrate-45th-anniversary.html

Dafforn-AnniversaryLarry and Lucy Dafforn are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. They were married on August 16, 1969.

Larry retired from ITT in 2005 after 42 years of service. Lucy retired from Indiana Organ Procurement Organization in 2009 after 17 years.

They are the parents of three children: Doug (Cara) Dafforn of Indianapolis; Tami (Mike) Ester and Kelli (Andy) Luckett, both of Fort Wayne. They have four grandchildren: Brittani and Brady Ester, and Shaelynne and Breckin Luckett.

They celebrated their anniversary by going on a 10-day Southern Caribbean cruise.

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MORNING ON THE MAUMEE: NATURE & HISTORY HIKE http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11584-morning-on-the-maumee-nature-history-hike.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11584-morning-on-the-maumee-nature-history-hike.html

Join Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor and ACRES Land Trust for a Saturday morning hike at one of the newest Nature Preserves on the Maumee River on Saturday, July 26th, at 10am. This is a family-friendly activity and all are welcome to attend. The hike and program will last approximately 1.5 hours, and will focus on the history of the site, the role of natural springs, and prehistory of the site. This is a free event, and donations to either organization are welcome.

Blue Cast Springs Nature Preserve is an ACRES Land Trust preserve, located at 21412 Bluecast Road, Woodburn, IN 46797.

RSVP to maumeevalleyheritagecorridor@hotmail.com. (Not required, but helpful for event planning)
Questions? Contact The Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor via email, or by phone 260-450-2057.

Each year Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor provides free public programs on a variety of heritage, environmental, and recreational topics.

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BISHOP LUERS’ NEW ATHLETIC DIRECTOR http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11585-bishop-luers-new-athletic-director.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11585-bishop-luers-new-athletic-director.html

Bishop Luers High School announces the selection of Rick Brown as athletic director.

Mr. Brown taught at Huntington North (2007-2014) as a Physical Education teacher and served as assistant coach for football, wrestling and track. Mr. Brown has a bachelor's degree in Health & Fitness from Purdue University, Master's Degree from Concordia University in Secondary Education and a MS in Athletic Administration from Western Kentucky.

Please welcome Mr. Brown and his wife Natalie and their two daughters, Lucille and Eleanor and a son, Francis.

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122ND FIGHTER WING DEPLOYMENT http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11593-122nd-fighter-wing-deployment.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11593-122nd-fighter-wing-deployment.html

122nd Fighter Wing Maintenance Munitions Specialists Staff Sgt. Brian Robbins (left), Staff Sgt. Steven Richardville (center), and Senior Airman Mark Evans, load a training ordnance, BDU-50, representative in size and weight of an explosive filled bomb to simulate the 500-pound MK 82 general purpose bomb.Fort Wayne's 122nd Fighter Wing deployed 140 Airmen and 12 A-10C "Warthogs" to Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana in support of Green Flag East. The primary objective of the three-week long Green Flag exercise was to prepare nearly 4,000 Soldiers for a potential combat deployment.

"Green Flag East was a good opportunity to practice the skills we would need to operate in a combat environment," said Lt. Col. Bill Leahy, 163rd Fighter Squadron Commander. "Our aircraft maintainer's performance was nothing short of outstanding."

The 122nd Fighter Wing, also known as the Blacksnakes, took advantage of this exercise to prepare their airmen for potential overseas deployment. Key elements included aircraft maintenance, execution of the mission and transportation of equipment, airmen and supplies.

"One highlight of the exercise was the successful accomplishment of a combat search and rescue operation," said Leahy. "This was a great opportunity for our A-10 Attack Pilots to practice their response following an enemy shoot down of a friendly aircraft. The scenario involved the simulated shoot down of an F-15 pilot, who was located in a forested area of Louisiana. Our A-10 pilots were able to successfully locate the downed pilot, deal with enemy threats and recover the pilot before opposition forces were able to close in."

Most of the 122nd Fighter Wing's missions consisted of Close Air Support, many of them involving the employment of live munitions, while others were dedicated to support in an urban environment. One unique training opportunity occurred at the Toledo Bend Reservoir, where A-10 pilots were tasked to locate, identify and simulate the engagement of small fast boats. The exercise exposed pilots to a potential threat posed by various terrorist organizations and pirates.

"I could not be more proud of the performance by our airmen at Green Flag East!" Col. Augustine, the 122nd Fighter Wing Commander said. "I am highly confident in our ability to meet any combat tasking that we may be called upon to execute."


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BIG IMPACT ON CRIME REDUCTION http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11603-big-impact-on-crime-reduction.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11603-big-impact-on-crime-reduction.html

The nine-year old Blue Jacket, Inc., a Fort Wayne-based nonprofit, had only 9% of its graduates with criminal backgrounds return to crime and a 66% employment rate within three months of graduating the 4-week training.

For Blue Jacket, recidivism is defined as those that return to prison for any technical violation (not necessarily committing a new crime but violating a Parole or Probation Order) or those that are convicted of a crime within one year of graduating the Career Academy training. Together, the total recidivism rate is 17%, a 9% return to crime and 8% return to prison.  The organization was expecting a total 31% recidivism rate.  These numbers are incomparable to any local or regional entity serving ex-offenders.

In a recent study backed by the US Department of Justice, Indiana's prison population will jump by at least 20 percent over the next three years and more low risk offenders are returning to prison than ever before.

Employment is one of the best predictors of success or failure for released inmates. "We do not screen anyone out for entry into our program which means that we often work with the hardest-of-the-hardest to employ.  These outcomes are a testament to the intense and empowering training that Blue Jacket provides," explains Tony Hudson, Executive Director of Blue Jacket.

Blue Jacket was created to provide the tools and opportunities to adult ex-offenders and other disadvantaged people to become productive members of society. Blue Jacket serves homeless, veteran, low-income, and anyone with a hardship to employment but has specialized in serving people with criminal backgrounds.

Blue Jacket's employment rate holds steady averaging 63% within three months. In 2013, Blue Jacket achieved a 66% employment rate for all graduates both ex-offender and non-offender, despite the economic crisis. Furthermore, it was found that in challenging employment markets, more people asked for the program than in better employment markets and job placements increased during that time.

According to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-backed study of a multi-site national study of programs like Blue Jacket who serve the "hard-to-employ," they found that those agencies more positively impacted recidivism for the more disadvantaged and higher risk. With this recent statistic, it is estimated that it will not increase beyond 16% for returns to prison within two years. To compare apples to apples, according to the Indiana Department of Corrections, 42% of Allen County ex-inmates from 2009 returned to prison within two years.

Blue Jacket's area of focus is job training and job placement while partnering with over 30 local agencies and 40 local employers to carry out its mission, largely with partner Community Action of Northeast Indiana (CANI). Blue Jacket's in-house job development entity, Opportunity Staffing, is not reliant upon grants but on the support of employers that hire Blue Jacket's graduates, which is a testament to its innovating training and screening process. For someone working hard to prove their worth to an employer, Opportunity Staffing is the conduit for trust to be built. In 2012, The Blue Jacket Clothing Co. was launched to sell donated business professional clothes so that Blue Jacket can employ only Blue Jacket graduates in the store and yet give clothes at no charge to its students in the 4-week training.

"At a time when we are being required to do more with less and the state is releasing more felons back into our community, the success of Blue Jacket enables us to better manage our scarce criminal justice resources," says Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters. "When new skills are gained, economic potential increases.

Blue Jacket gives hope to those who desire to become productive again."

Blue Jacket launched a "$30 will give one day of training" campaign soliciting donations from people from the community. For more information, visit www.bluejacketinc.org or find us on Facebook.

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LABOR DAY WEEKEND FLEA MARKET http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11604-labor-day-weekend-flea-market.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/featured-news/11604-labor-day-weekend-flea-market.html

The 7th Annual Flea Market will be held on August 31 at the Heimach Senior Activity Center, 1800 E. 7th St., Auburn from 8a.m. through 4 p.m. Spaces (20 x 20) are still available by calling 1-260-925-3311. Ask for Janel.

Antiques, primitives, handmade items, furniture etc. available for great prices. High's Bar-B-Q chicken (dinners and halves) and pulled pork sandwiches plus awesome bake sale items and cold drinks will also be available. The Flea Market is an official activity of the the ACD Festival and one you won't want to miss. Location is just the other side of DeKalb Health (hospital) on Auburn's east side.

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