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Waynedale Frog RockThose who travel Ardmore Avenue may have noticed the return of a very popular Waynedale icon. The "Frog Rock", which sat for many years on Sandpoint Road, has been relocated by Hanson Aggregates Mideast.

Forgotten by many, since the closing of Sandpoint Road in 2005 when Hanson expanded their mining operations, the fate of the Frog Rock went basically unknown to most for many years. Motivated by a comment on the "Waynedale Recollections" facebook page by Waynedale resident Julie LeCoque, it is back! "I contacted my brother in law, David Linnemeier who is retired from Hanson Aggregates, and he put me in contact with a wonderful woman named Peggy Fogle. I explained to Peggy that I was interested in the whereabouts of the Frog Rock."

"My vision, (or more accurately, Julie LeCoque's vision), was to have it placed in Waynedale Park, so everyone could enjoy it." Peggy liked the idea, and said she would look into it. She discovered the Frog Rock did still exist. But, further inquiry revealed that those in charge at Hanson Aggregates had already made plans to display the Frog near the Hanson office at 6100 Ardmore Avenue.

"Naturally it was a disappointment to hear that I would not be successful in my original endeavor, however, I was happy to hear the good news that Hanson Aggregates valued our beloved iconic Frog as much as anyone."

True to their word, less than 2 months later, Hanson had the Frog Rock prominently on display at 6100 Ardmore Avenue where all who wish to take a stroll down "Memory Lane" may do so.

The Frog is a pleasant reminder for many, of the happy, carefree days of our youth. We know we speak for many when we say "Thank You" to Hanson Aggregates Mideast for their recognition of the Frog's importance to our community, and their efforts to allow us to enjoy it once again.

When you go by the Frog, give a little beep with your horn if you are so inclined, just to say thanks! And, to let those at Hanson know just how many people truly appreciate their gift.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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