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MASTERS OF COSMETOLOGY STUDENTS HELP OUT ALLEN COUNTY SPCA CAT WALKMasters of Cosmetology students created and modeled avent-garde hairstyles, make-up and costumes depicting tropical nature and exotic creatures when they opened the show for the SPCA Cat Walk "In the Wild".  The Grand Wayne Center came alive Sunday, Sept 9th when Masters and other salons showcased their talents to raise funds for the medical, socialization and housing needs of homeless cats and dogs that are cared for by the Allen County SPCA.  They were judged on costumes, choreography, make-up and hair along with a peoples choice award.

Ten Masters students paraded down the 80 foot runway made up from head to toe as peacocks, koi fish, frogs, spiders, venus fly traps, fire and others.  All models, make-up artists, hairstylists, nail techs, and costume designers were Masters of Cosmetology Students.  Judges awarded them with trophy's for make-up, costumes and a Top Kitten award.

Through ticket and raffle sales Masters donated nearly $5,000.00 to the SPCA
Masters staff members led by educator Kimberly Long directed the students through the planning stages of hair, make-up, costume, design, and choreography rehearsals.

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