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SCHOOL STUDENTS SWEEP  AWARDS FOR BRIDGE DESIGNThree middle school students from St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School in Monroeville, Indiana demonstrated their engineering prowess at Science Central's 14th Annual Middle School Bridge Design Competition on Saturday, February 16. Taking home the top three prizes were: Connor Ray, 6th Grade, 1st Prize of $60; Emmett Niemeyer, 6th Grade, 2nd Prize of $30; and Cal Springer, 7th Grade, 3rd Prize of $15.

All contestants also received passes to Science Central.

The competition, held in conjunction with National Engineers Week and judged by the National Engineers Week Committee, tasked students with building a bridge using only 100 Popsicle sticks and Elmer's Glue. Bridges were then subjected to stress testing to determine the most structurally sound design. 20 area middle school students competed, representing schools from across northeast Indiana.

The bridge building competition challenges students in the areas of engineering, design, science and creativity. The goal of the competition is to make students more aware of both the fun and the challenging aspects of the professional and technical world.

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