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Achievement-Scholarship-BubbBishop Luers High School would like to congratulate the winners of the Henry-Keefer Scholarship.

19th Annual Bishop Luers High School Henry-Keefer Scholarship exam results CLASS OF 2018

ELIZABETH HEINY-St. John the Baptist (FW), ADAM VELDMAN-St. John the Baptist (FW), MICHAEL SCHWELLER-Riverview, PAYTON HEAD-St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth, JOSEPH RENNER-St. John the Baptist (NH), EMMA WARD-St. John the Baptist (FW), JONATHAN WOEHNKER-St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth, NOAH BROWN-St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth, BENJAMIN FINK-St. John the Baptist (FW) and ANNA WILJER-St. John the Baptist (NH).

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