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Cat-at-FWACC-frostbiteThe Animal Care & Control Department urges pet owners to limit time outside for dogs and to keep cats strictly inside the home during these extreme cold temperatures. Animals are susceptible to frostbite, which occurs when a part of the body freezes from exposure to the cold. It often accompanies hypothermia. Frostbite tends to involve the tail, ear tips, pads of the feet, and scrotum. These parts are the most exposed and least protected by fur. As circulation returns, the animal experiences pain. The tissue becomes red and swollen and may result in the tissue separating from the animal.

This two year old female cat was found by a concern citizen and turned-over to Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control with frostbite to both ears. Within nine days the animal experienced the loss of tissue of both ears. She is being rehabilitated at the shelter in hopes that she will be ready for adoption within the next two weeks as healing continues. The shelter is calling her Circe #A311782.

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