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Back Row: Marcella Lamboley, Irene Stark, Ed Hall, Rosalie Hall, Robert Sipe, Karl McOmber. Bottom Row: Ruby___, Unknown, Virginia Ball, Unknown, Unknown.Scouting in Waynedale used to include a Spring Pow-Wow at Waynedale Park. This would be a time for passing out scout badges and awards that had been earned over the winter. The Den Mothers and Scout Leaders would dress up in Native American garb and celebrate around a large bonfire.

Carl McOmber remembered one such gathering where the leaders salvaged an old electric heating element, tied match ends on the element, put kindling around the match ends and ran wires to a 12 volt battery which was hidden behind a tree. A knowing accomplice waited behind the tree and after a few magic words, spoken by the scoutmaster, the accomplice hooked up the battery and fire appeared as if by magic. The kids loved it.

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