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Elmhurst Coach Keith Edmonds gives out a congratulatory hug to record breaker James Hardy.  Elmhurst won the game against Homestead 65-62.Hardy scored 34 points to lead the Elmhurst Trojans to a 65-62 win over Homestead. James Hardy passed Tom Baack of Concordia Lutheran to become the Fort Wayne Boy's Basketball leading scorer with 1653 points.

Baack was a 6-foot-5 forward/center who passed South Sides Tom Bolyard in late January 1964. Hardy is a 6-foot-7 point-guard who just broke the record on February 18th 2004. Hardy's record breaking, 3-point shot came with 3:57 to go in the first quarter.

James was set to break the record a couple of weeks ago against South Side when two technical fouls took him out of the game.

The game has changed over the years. In the sixties anyone over 6-foot-2 would generally be placed as a center. Now, a player with the athleticism that Hardy possesses often plays at a guard position in order to groom him for the skills he will need as a college athlete. Hardy has signed with Indiana University in both football and basketball. Elmhurst will start this year's sectional tournament run on Tuesday March 2nd, at Wayne High School.

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