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Eric Olson and Cameraman Brian Gillett stopped by The Waynedale News last Wednesday to do an interview for 21Country. Brian looked the place over and chose the best place to set up his camera. Eric asked the questions and Brian moved from spot to spot, getting a number of different camera angles. After the interview both Brian and Eric moved outside and did a few minutes along Bluffton Road, explaining the location and getting some different views of Waynedale's main business section.

After gathering the information the Channel 21 crew traveled back to the station to do the editing. A piece called 21Country aired on Friday night during the 21Alive's 6 o'clock news. Anchorwoman Melissa Long introduced The Waynedale News as "a much humbler journal on the newspaper stands" and Eric along with Cameraman Brian did a great job of spotlighting Waynedale.

The amazing thing about the interview was the editing. Eric is able to break the interview down into what he feels are the primary issues. He then puts it all back together into a format that flows out of the TV set as natural as if the people were just sitting down for a chat. Eric picks his own subjects and has developed an easy demeanor that puts you at ease as he proceeds through the session. When he is not doing interviews, he anchors the weekend news with Janette Luu. Eric Olson has been with Channel 21 for 12 years. Eric was born and raised in New York, but moved to Indiana at age 16. He graduated from Central Noble High School in Albion and attended college at Indiana University in Bloomington and the University of Oregon School of Journalism in Eugene, Oregon. He and his wife Cathy have four children and one granddaughter, and live in Fort Wayne.

You can catch Eric on 21Country every Monday, Tuesday and Friday on 21Alive News at 6pm. The independent spirit of our hometown newspaper lives on.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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