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Just west of The Waynedale News, on Lower Huntington Road, sets the office of Marvin Crell. Marvin Crell's office began as Greider's Grocery. The store was owned and operated by Howard Greider. The business was started during the 1929 depression and it began with the purchase of $13 worth of canned goods. Howard's uncle, Ralph Greider owned two other grocery stores in Waynedale.

In the summer of 1946, at the age of 42, Howard Greider passed away due to cancer. Shortly after his death, Howard's wife Neda turned the grocery store into a dress shop called Neda's Apparel and some time after that, in the 50's, Marvin Crell opened it as a legal office.

This structure has been in its present location for a long time, but like other structures in Waynedale, it was moved to its present location from the lot next door. There have been times in our economy when it was cheaper to move a building than it was to build a new one. The front part of The Waynedale News office and the earlier Waynedale Library buildings were once at Baer Field where they served as army barracks.

This information was provided by Arnold (Howard's son) and Pauline Greider, Tyrone Road.

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