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January 8, 2001 Governor Frank O’Bannon being sworn in at the Hoosier Dome during the inauguration.

Fourth Graders remember Governor Frank O'Bannon...


It was Monday, January 8th, 2001 when The Waynedale News traveled to Indianapolis to watch the Inauguration of Governor Frank O'Bannon. O'Bannon had invited 25,000 fourth graders to the Hoosier Dome and it was a great and festive occasion. The kids were invited because fourth grade is the year they study Indiana History.

While Governor O'Bannon was in office, he instituted a program called Education Roundtable. The roundtable was a blend of business, community and education leaders from around the state which were brought together to improve Indiana's educational system. After Governor O'Bannon passed away on Sept.13, 2003, new Gov. Joe Kernan said the roundtable was one of O'Bannon's proudest accomplishments and educating Indiana's children is the states primary responsibility.

Back in January of 2001 some of the fourth graders had this to say about O'Bannons Inauguration:


Hilary Eash

"I was happy I was part of Indiana history while it was being made at the inauguration of Frank O' Bannon and Joseph E. Kernan. I have never been somewhere when history was being made, so it was incredible that I was there! I thought it was thoughtful of O'Bannon and Kernan to come around in the front of the stands and shake some of the 4th grader hands and wave to us. He also said, "Hi," and other things to some 4th graders."


Peter Wilhelm

"It was exciting to see and hear from our governor. I wish you could have seen it too. It was neat to see our Governor and Lt. Governor get sworn in."


Matt Dimit

"It was amazing at the inauguration! I wish everyone could have seen it. The house of representatives was there, including the Indiana National Guard, The Senate, the Supreme Court."


Tyler Lobrillo

"I wish other people could have seen the inauguration. When I saw everybody there that was in the 4th grade, I was amazed. It was the biggest inauguration in history."


Andrea Kleber

"The inauguration was amazing. Lieutenant Governor asked us to promise him three things: 1. Work hard in school. 2. Do a good deed every day. 3. Pick up a piece of trash to make our world clean!"


Kelsey Specht

"I wish everybody could have felt the way I did when the fireworks exploded and when Governor Frank O'Bannon talked about how everybody should have a free will in what they want to do for a living. My lungs kept on hurting after I was screaming so loud from just being there. Whoever was in fourth grade at that exact moment was really blessed to be there!"

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