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Fishing Poles were given away by Waynedale News representative, Alex Cornwell at the Waynedale Memorial Park during Waynedale Daze. I want to start by personally thanking Dave Umber from Umber's Hardware for the use of their popcorn machine and the donation of all those popcorn bags. We gave away a lot of popcorn on Memorial Day at our annual WAYNEDALE DAZE in the park. I also want to thank Loco-'N-Motion for their generous donation of popcorn, oil, salt and bags and for offering to let us use their popcorn machine as backup. I want to thank Eagle Scout Patrick T. McCune for popping all that corn. And thank you Molly Hunter McCune for helping your dad bag it and hand it out. A big thank you to Pam Shimer for helping with the popcorn also. A big thank you to THE WAYNEDALE NEWS' Editor, Bob Stark, for buying all the extra popcorn and oil that we needed AND for purchasing all those fishin' poles that we gave away.

I'm sorry that we didn't have more but the budget can only be stretched so far. Would anyone like to donate to the Fishin' Pole Fund for next year? Maybe we can give two or three hundred poles away instead of being limited to only one hundred. The purpose of giving away fishin' poles is to promote the idea, "It's for the Kids," and to make way for parents to spend some quality time with their children. What better way than to take them 'fishin'?

I hope we can give away more poles next year. I'm asking everyone ahead of time to think about what you can contribute to WAYNEDALE DAZE to make it happen "FOR THE KIDS". I think the celebration in the park should be mainly "FOR THE KIDS" and not to see how much money we can make. What do you think? What are your ideas?

I was disappointed that no one thought to rent (or donate) a Moonwalk or supply some games for the kids to play. I think it would be nice if some Boy Scout troops in the area would set up a model campsite next year and let people see what Scouting is all about. This would also be a good time to put on a car show in the park and maybe give pony rides, and we need a booth to show people how to rig those poles for fishin', and . . .

Are you listening NORTHEAST INDIANA TROUT ASSOCIATION? INDIANA FLY TIERS? Shriners? Masons? Eastern Star? Rebeccas? Local Churches? Vets? Eagles? Moose Club? Local restaurants? Lions? Local Businesses? Fort Wayne Zoo? Mayor Richard? IDNR? NRA? PAL?

OK, Wayndalers, let's hear your ideas for next year's celebration; what can you 'give', not sell, 'GIVE'?. It's "FOR THE KIDS"!




Ray McCune, Associate Editor


The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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