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Poppy Day! (l-r) American Legion Post #241 newly elected Women’s Auxiliary President Diane Martz and Vice President Kathy Alexander-MillerOn Memorial Day groups, like the American Legion Post #241 Women's Auxiliary, raise funds for charitable activities by selling paper poppies made by disabled veterans. This bright red wildflower became a symbol of World War I after a bloody battle in a field of poppies called Flanders Field in Belgium.

For over 70 years, the American Legion Auxiliary has sponsored Poppy Day to remind America that millions have sacrificed their lives and health to keep our nation strong and free. The poppy's brilliant red bloom, so much like the blood which had been shed, became a sign of hope and renewal for those who lived and walked away. For those who would never leave, those who had sacrificed their lives, it was a perpetual memorial to their bravery. American veterans brought home the image and planted it with the Auxiliary where it has bloomed every year for the benefit of those who served America. The Memorial Poppy donations are given entirely to rehabilitation and assistance for veterans and their families.

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