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On his 100th birthday, Dillard Wilcox opens a gift from Concordia Theological Seminarian Robert Hauter. Dillard Wilcox, a resident of Englewood Health and Rehabilitation Center, turned 100 on May 14, 2003. Dillard was born and raised in Robinsville, NC and moved to Fort Wayne in 1929. He worked for General Electric for many years before going to work as a farmhand in the Churbusco area. Dillard continued working on area farms until his retirement in 1968. He lived on his own until 1995 when he moved to Englewood.

Dillard is the oldest of 7 children, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Only he and his baby sister, 82-year old Norma Mull of Murphy, North Carolina are still living. Dillard remains a registered voter, recently participating in the May 6th primary election. He received a "Congratulations" letter from the First Lady-Bush and from U. S. Senator Richard Lugar. Dillard responded, "...and I didn't even vote for him."

Even though soft-spoken, he can still recount stories of his life. He ran ferry across the Tennessee River in 1917 and remembers seeing his first Model-T. Dillard tried enlisting in WWI, but was only 17 at the time. He volunteered for the Army-Field Artillery when he was close to 40 years of age serving from 1942-1945. He is a veteran of WWII. Dillard never married but he does recall almost getting married once. He attributes his longevity to his Mom's good cookin' and another special lady. Attending church regularly, one of his favorite hymns is "Heaven will be thy resting place."

Englewood Health and Rehabilitation Center on Engle Road held a birthday celebration on his birthday with church friends and Englewood residents attending.


Happy Birthday Dillard!

We treasure your memories.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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