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The spectacular release of doves will again be a part of this year's Military Ceremony at Prairie Grove Cemetery. The ceremonial "white dove" release will be to remember all military past and present. Ten doves will be released first. And then the eleventh dove will be released after the flock circles once. The last released dove represents the spirit of the departed, all men and women who have served our country and brought us our freedom yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The doves will circle briefly before returning to their home in Woodburn, IN.

This white dove release, called Whispering Wings, is a division of A-1 Wildlife Services. Rex Helton is the trainer and owner. He uses a special breed of white homing pigeons or 'doves' for this special event and also for weddings, memorial services, and church services. Rex can be contacted for more information at 260-632-5106.

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