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photo by Cindy Cornwell   Students from South Side High School signed an orange banner agreeing to: “…make a diligent effort to not use, experiment with or abuse alcohol,” and by signing and agreeing they were given an orange ribbon and a ticket for a chance to win an Orange South Side High School T-shirt.On Friday, May 2nd, 2003 youth and adults across Indiana took a stand against underage drinking. In an effort to raise awareness on the issue of underage drinking and providing support for the youth who choose not to drink, South Side High School parents, teachers, business owners, political officials, and students banded together to make a difference and encourage all students to "Lose the Booze."

The Orange Ribbon Campaign, a project of the Indiana Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking, was created by a group of students interested in bringing awareness to the issue of underage drinking, impaired teen driving, and the selling and serving of alcohol to minors.

At South Side High School students' awareness began on Thursday with each 3rd period class designing an original slogan to promote the reduction of underage drinking. Then on Friday, May 2nd orange banners, orange balloons, orange t-shirts, orange ribbons, and orange awards culminated with a free jam by bands, Corporate Circus and Holden's Run.

Orange Ribbon Slogan winners were: "If You Booze, You Lose: -Lose Respect, -Lose Car Priveledges, -Lose Brain Cells, -Lose Your Life. You Gain: -A Criminal Record, -A Possible Jail Sentence, -High Insurance, -Liver Damage" submitted by Mr. Gregg Taylor's ESL Language Lab, "Start Thinking...Stop Drinking." submitted by Mrs. Webb's Class, "Hey shorty, put down the "40"! (Slang translation -"Hey you young people, don't drink alcohol") submitted by Mrs. Walborn's Class, and "Tell our Budz to Lose the Sudz!" submitted by Mrs. Ferdon's Class. The class slogans were displayed outside the classroom doors.

Later that afternoon while enjoying an ice cream cake treat, representatives from the Drug and Alcohol Consortium of Allen County, Indiana State SADD Coordinators, the Student Council of South Side High School, and Principal Tom Smith presented students with information about The Orange Ribbon Campaign. "Lose The Booze Day" helped to inform Southside students that drinking starts out as a recreational activity, then it becomes a habit, then an addiction and before you realize it—you can't stop. If you booze, you lose.

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