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Chris Olry of Fort Wayne has been named a Chancellor's Scholar at the Bloomington Campus of Indiana University. Chris, a junior, is majoring in Informatics. He was an Eagle Scout and a graduate of Homestead High School.

The Chancellor's Scholarship honors the best student in each school on campus. Best is determined not by grade point average, but by finding the student who has excelled academically by performing well, taking leadership roles in different courses, doing outstanding work on undergraduate research projects, etc. Faculty in each school selects the student who has most distinguished himself or herself in all phases of academics.

The award, which includes a special book from that academic discipline of membership in a professional society, also carries a scholarship. Presentations were made by Chancellor Sharon Stephens Brehm and the school deans at a recent campus reception. Each of the students selected are in their second-to-last year of study. Chris, in addition to being a full time student, works for the Federal Government in Homeland Security and Communications.

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