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Jill Beach, originally an art major, is back to the painting pallet. She expresses her art on items such as furniture, pedestals, plates, matchstick blinds, even boxes and suitcases. Her shop, A Different Angle, is under the green awning, located in the same building as Kar Haus, next to American Legion #241 on Bluffton Road.

A Different Angle on Bluffton Road and Cinnamon & Spice on Lower Huntington Road will be holding a Co-Spring Open House on April 10th, 11th, and 12th from 10-5pm. Visit these shops on any of these 3 days and 5% of your sale will go to support our American Soldiers of "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

Jill has all kinds of ideas so feel free to bring in your own, an interior or an exterior piece, old or new, and find out what kind of fun she can create for you.

Jill has a successful history of decorating with a list of references. She specializes in quickly changing décor and using your existing pieces to help save money.

The shop is open on Tuesday from 10-4, Wednesday from 11-7, Thursday from 10-4, and Saturday from 9-1. All kinds of pieces are available, stop by and check out ecletic pieces of furniture, even children's pieces, at A Different Angle.

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